Sobo is positioned as a dynamic SaaS based subscription service provider to help businesses owners build more profitable companies.

Our Method

Our platform allows business leaders to identify gaps in their processes and examine how other businesses in their industry are accomplishing their goals so they can get a heads-up advantage, stay on top of important trends to maintain an edge by knowing where they stand.

What we Do.

 Sobo’s advanced and dynamic platform integrates effectively with our clients’ existing cloud-based financial, HR and CRM applications. It seamlessly allows business leaders to identify areas where the right consultants are needed to grow their companies while mitigating costly expenses. It also shows how a company ranks against its competitors, reveals gaps in their business and identifies issues of which their leadership may not be aware. 

How we do it.

Sobo is on a mission to help business owners build more profitable enterprises by using companies’ data to create AI-driven insights and engagement matches with vetted consultants. Sobo matches high-quality consultants with businesses through its trusted SaaS-based platform to provide competitive insights at affordable costs. This empowers companies to benchmark themselves against others in their respective industries and identify areas where a consultant can help a business grow while mitigating costs. 

Our why.

In everything we do, we believe in improving the lives of business owners. We believe each owner is the backbone of our economy. We believe in creating value and empowering the lives of our clients enabling them to grow both personally and professionally.

Who we Serve.

Privately Held SMB Companies across the United States

Key Companies we server:

  • Construction  
  • Self-Performing Contractors – HVAC/Plumbing
  • Manufacturing – Machine Shops  
  • Engineering/Architects  
  • Distribution – Logistics 
  • Trucking OTR/LTL 
  • Hospitality – B2C Companies 
  • Health Care Outpatient Service Companies 
  • And many more…

A Problem Worth Solving

Because businesses must succeed.

Sobo Pricing plan.

We offer pricing and solutions tailored to your business needs— from plans with all the features and resources to plans that get you started. To learn about the Sobo Platform, check out our product video.

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