'Tis the Season to Hire a Fractional Consultant

‘Tis the Season to Hire a Fractional Consultant

Strategic Insights: The Art of Balancing Internal Expertise and External Excellence 

As we near the end of the year, it is a suitable time to discuss an essential facet of business strategy: the choice to hire a fractional consultant. The analogy of handing over your watch to someone to tell you the time illustrates the hesitation at times involved with employing external experts. The conundrum of selecting between consultants and employees is timeless, prompting the need of when and why one might need external aid. At Sobo.ai, we understand the complexities of this season. In this post, we will take look at the top reasons to hire consultants, while also including various perspectives from industry experts. Investing in a consultant, particularly during the holiday season, is a wise decision. 

Deciphering the Hesitancy: Navigating Expectations is Crucial Consideration 

The reluctance to work with consultants over internal resources is well engrained. The question is whether you should bring in somebody from the outside to review your operations and make recommendations, wouldn’t your seasoned staff, who live and breathe your company’s culture, be more suited to the task? 

While internal resources clearly provide an array of knowledge, there are specific situations in which the objectivity and broad experience of external consultants become vital. 

Assumptions, both conscious and unconscious, influence organizational decision-making. Employees frequently resist change, clinging to known habits even if they are suboptimal, led by expectations such as confirmation bias and loss sensitivity. The attraction of the status quo and the fear of loss could hinder growth and development. 

When you hire consultants, you are bringing in specialists who are free of internal prejudices. They question the current status quo, challenge established procedures, and provide new insights. Their outside perspective enables them to see past preconceived notions and create creative ideas that internal stakeholders are likely to overlook. Hiring consultants is especially beneficial during the holiday period, when businesses slow down thus providing a good opportunity to evaluate and analyze their strategy for the coming year. 

Flight of Clarity: A ‘Bird’s-Eye’ Advantage in Strategic Planning 

The saying “can’t see the forest for the trees” is true for businesses like yours. Internal teams, no matter how competent they are, might be too close to the problems to provide an unbiased perspective. Office politics and hierarchical views further obscure objectivity. External parties, like consultants, provide a bird’s-eye view, identifying inefficiencies and providing unbiased views. 

A McKinsey poll emphasizes the need of independent assessments. Financial outcomes worsened in organizations when the same person established and authorized choices. The lack of rigor was associated with poor results. This external view becomes a competitive advantage in the context of strategy planning for the new year. Consultants serve as sounding boards for CEOs, providing confirmation and insights that can have a substantial influence on decision-making. 

Navigating Digital Transformation: Consultants and Strategic Agility 

The new standard for this evolving market is digital business agility. A varied skill set will be necessary as businesses shift to digital operations. Consultants, bridge this gap. Their expertise ranges from cloud services to digital marketing to cybersecurity, advancing businesses toward a more digitally agile future. 

The choice to invest in fractional consultants extends beyond a passing trend. It is a strategic decision to bring in external expertise to challenge biases and lead your company toward innovation. Consider the revolutionary impact of external expertise as we say goodbye to the year. Let us embrace strategic hiring and harnessing the experience of consultants to ensure your business stays versatile, adaptive, and ready for tomorrow’s challenges. From all of us, we wish you a pleasant Christmas season and a prosperous New Year from the entire Sobo.ai team! 

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