3 Ways Fractional Consulting Maximize Your Team

Fractional consulting can transform your business–and your team.

Read on to discover how!

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Going from Good to Great with a Fractional Consulting

As a business leader, it’s likely that you’ve read or have heard of Good to Great by Jim Collins. His book is full of excellent insights and actionable advice that leaders can apply directly to their current initiatives. One of the most potent ideas is his metaphor of the bus and the bus driver. In it, he describes companies as buses and leaders as bus drivers, who are driving their teams to their destination (the fulfillment of their vision).  

“You are a bus driver. The bus, your company, is at a standstill, and it’s your job to get it going. You have to decide where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and who’s going with you… In fact, leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with “where” but with “who.” They start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” – Jim Collins, Good to Great 

The metaphor makes sense. After all, to effectively advance the organization’s mission, leaders must enlist the right people and ensure they are in the right role; otherwise, they may not make it to their destination, or they will be very delayed in arriving. The idea itself sounds simple, but in practice, it can be complicated and frustrating.  

After all, you are leading numerous individuals and navigating an ever-changing landscape. You’re putting out fires, implementing strategies, scaling processes, training new hires, inspiring your current team, and maintaining company culture. If your business is going to be an industry change-maker, there are times when operating within this chaos is necessary, but it’s not a sustainable long-term solution for you or your team. 

This is where a fractional consultant can make all the difference. When you enlist the right Advisor for your business, you not only put the right person in the right seat on the bus, you ensure that those on your team are “in the right seats,” as well. When that happens, your team can accomplish much more than they could before.  

Read on to discover how a fractional consultant can benefit, not just your business, but your team, as well! 

Fractional Consultants Boost Productivity

When you’re striving to improve and expand your business, what often happens? Most of your time is spent trying to implement new strategies and methods in your business, while the rest of your time is spent trying to maintain your current processes. This is where a fractional consultant can step in and drastically improve your efforts to scale. They attack the high-level priorities you need accomplished to grow your company, which allows your current team to take care of your existing needs and work the new methods and strategies into their current processes. Then, everyone works with laser-focused intention 

Fractional Consultants Spark Innovation

Due to their expertise, fractional consultants understand long-term strategies and methods that need to be in place to successfully grow your business. This means your team can work alongside an expert member of the C-Suite, discover the latest techniques, and implement creative solutions. In the prime situation, fractional consultants not only help your team focus on applying more effective methods, they also enhance your team’s skills so they can be even more valuable to your business. 

Fractional Consultants Provide a Fresh Perspective on Your Team

When you’re so close to something, it can be difficult to fully recognize the imperfections that are evident to others. Fractional consultants are able to provide fresh eyes as they witness your team’s inner workings in light of your business’s mission, values, and culture. They can provide you with key insights that help you ensure that everyone is “in the right seat” and address any issues or habits that are out of alignment with your business’s mission, values, or direction—without you having to worry that their insights are motivated by a desire for someone else’s job.

Closing Thoughts

Fractional consultants are powerful assets to your small business, but also to your team. Not only do they provide avenues for your existing team to be more productive, they also create opportunities to maximize their roles within your business. Fractional consultants don’t replace your team—they maximize it. 

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