Building an Environment of Trust

When you start working with a client as a fractional consultant, one of the most important things to do is to leave a good first impression. However, you want to make a positive impact beyond the first impression; you want to create an environment of trust.

After all, you are working alongside business leaders who love their organization and want to make sure it’s well taken care of. On top of that, these leaders have probably been hurt in the past by consultants who have taken advantage of them or have taken their business in a direction that did not align with their vision.

That’s why it’s vital to set the tone of your partnership, because you’re not like other consultants. You also want the best for the businesses you partner with and you want to invest in their owners, leaders, and team members.

How do you build an environment of trust and set yourself apart from other consultants your client has likely worked with in the past?

Listen Well to Build Trust

While Sobo will provide you with vital business data about your client’s organization, no platform can fully convey business leaders’ passion or their pain. One of the most powerful means you can employ to truly understand a business is to simply listen to its leaders. You have to understand the heart that keeps the company alive. Remember to pay close attention as you thoughtfully engage with them. Why are they in this business in the first place? What do they want? Why did things go awry in the past? What are they most concerned about?

Move forward and provide insights in light of what they share with you.

Be Vulnerable

Brené Brown said, “If you come across an explanation of vulnerability that doesn’t include setting boundaries or being clear on intentions, proceed with caution. Vulnerability for vulnerability’s sake is not effective, useful, or smart.”

Being vulnerable is not a manipulation tactic. It’s a revelation of shared pain between yourself and others in order to deepen your connection and illustrate why you are in their corner. Through vulnerability, you are able to demonstrate that you trust them, even before they’ve shown the same to you. After all, that’s part of living out a “people first” mindset.

Make Personal Connections

You’re partnering with your client. By making connections with the leaders and their teams, you show them that you’re there to elevate the business and the people in it. Make personal connections with those you interact with and engage in conversations with them. You’ll have the opportunity to gain insights into the business and strategically navigate as you help them get to the next level.

Closing Thoughts

Trust is vital in any relationship. However, it’s particularly important to establish an open, confident, and connected atmosphere when you are entering a relationship where trust has previously been betrayed. You can’t control the culture of an existing organization, but you can establish the positive style in which you work.

That is what will set you apart as a fractional consultant.

As a consultant, do you establish trust wherever you go? Become a Sobo Advisor and you can help businesses thrive by providing tailored strategies for their teams, creating an environment where they are at ease, and developing methods that strengthen their company from the inside out.