On Our Watch, Businesses
Are Going To Win

We connect companies with the top 1% of fractional advisors, so that you can level up and move your business forward.

SOBO AI - Fractional Consulting Platform

Our Story

Our Values

Who we are informs everything we do.
Fractional consulting - SOBO AI

People First

Every business, organization, and movement starts and ends with people. We approach everything from a people-first perspective.
Fractional consulting - SOBO AI

Find The Solution

There is always a workable solution to every business challenge. We don’t shy away from the hard work of finding–or creating–it.

Do The Right Thing

We believe you should love your neighbor as you love yourself. When faced with a tough decision, we’ll take the loss before our clients do.
SOBO AI - Fractional Consulting Services

The Roadmap

Our brandmark is a visual representation of a business’s lifecycle.

Starting from the left corner, you and your business move forward successfully and gain traction. Along the way, you face challenges, make wrong turns, and backslide. Then, it seems that you’re back at the beginning. However, this journey is a springboard into an impactful future. With intentional forward movement and people to advise you, the company will advance.

You’re called to succeed. The question is, “Will you stay on the path?”

Consulting Disrupted

Small businesses need fractional advisors to get to the next level, but they are often unable to invest the time or resources to acquire the right advisor.

Consulting must change.

That’s why we created Sobo, a strategic platform that provides data-driven insights and access to dedicated engagement managers, so that owners can connect with advisors who truly understand their businesses.

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