Sobo Platform

Sobo is on a mission to help small and medium sized business owners build more profitable companies.

We do this by providing companies a web-based dashboard and using their data to create AI driven insights and engagement matches with a vetted consultant network. Sobo integrates with a company’s existing cloud-based financial, HR, and CRM applications to build a data profile of the business. We use this data profile to populate a dashboard that provides key metics and peer benchmarking for company management. This data is also available on an anonymous basis to our vetted network of consultants to perform a brief assessment and recommendation, which we term “Insights”. These Insights can be at the request of the company or done proactively by the consultant.

Want to learn more about how Sobo works for business leaders and fractional consultants?

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For Business Leaders

We know what it’s like to spend countless hours on advisors who ultimately ghost you, or to burn resources on consultants who are not aligned with your company’s culture.

We built something to change consulting for business leaders.

No more guesswork. No more DIY-ing.

Just results.

Fractional tax planning - SOBO AI
Fractional tax planning - SOBO AI
SOBO AI - Fractional consultant matching

For Fractional Consultants

Navigating the consulting landscape isn’t easy. You often don’t have the information you need to create an action plan that takes your client to the next level.

This platform is here to change that. Together, we’re going to save businesses.

SOBO AI - Fractional consultant matching