When Your COO Leaves You

Fractional Consultant – What happens when your Chief Operating Officer leaves and you need to find another one fast?

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A New Chapter in Your Company

When an employee leaves a company, it can cause a strain on your business and your team. But when it’s your Chief Operating Officer… that’s a different story. This is where a fractional consultant can save the day.

If you’re an owner of a CPA firm with over 50 employees and you lose your COO, the transition period can be intense. You no longer have someone to execute your day-to-day operations or oversee the firm’s high-level projects.

Projects may be delayed due to a lack of oversight. Your all-star team is working overtime to ensure they accomplish their audits, fulfill investment advising, and serve accounting clients well, but you know that they can’t sustain it for long.

You need to hire a COO, and you need to do it fast.

But you’re stretched thin running the firm and you don’t want your urgency to cause you to accidentally hire someone who isn’t a good fit. In your periphery, you recognize that this fresh chapter could be the catalyst that refreshes and revolutionizes your firm, so you can benefit even more clients and better support your team.

You just aren’t sure how to capitalize on it.

That’s where Sobo comes in.

How Sobo Connects You With a Fractional COO

With Sobo, you can quickly find a fractional COO who can temporarily take over the COO role at your firm.

All you need to do is upload your business documents, and Sobo will do the rest.

We’ll create a profile based on your business data, anonymize it, and match you with expert fractional COOs who can meet your needs. Then, you can view these verified consultants and determine which Sobo Advisor you would like to move forward with.

Once you’ve partnered with a Sobo Advisor, they’ll ensure that your firm moves forward and gets on top of any projects that your team may have inadvertently gotten behind on. As an outsider with years of professional experience, the Sobo Advisor can offer fresh insights on business operations and help your team streamline their processes.

As they understand the ins and outs of your firm, they’ll help you craft the perfect job description of a COO who can take your business to the next level, and assist you in the hiring process. Once the new COO is hired, the Sobo Advisor can then make certain that the new hire has everything they need to help your firm succeed.

This is Sobo in action.