Why You Need to Join a Community of Ideal Team Players

You shouldn’t do life solo.

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The Community Dilemna for Fractional Consultants

If the past few years have taught us nothing else, it’s that we need other people. We need to be in a community. You need to join a community. 

When you’re a fractional consultant, it can be difficult to think of yourself as a “team player.” Granted, you work with a variety of groups, but, because you’re a consultant, you may not really feel like you’re truly a “member” of anyone’s team.

The thing is, if you’re a successful fractional consultant, you are a team player—and not just any team player. You’re an ideal team player.

What does that mean?

As Patrick Lencioni details in his book, The Ideal Team Player, it means you are humble, hungry, and smart.

Qualities of an Ideal Team Player

Humble: You aren’t in it for the accolades. You are an expert in your field, but you’re willing to listen to those around you. You want to lift others up and invest in them. 


Hungry: You’ve had success in the past and you’re likely at the stage where you are past the initial high of launching a great career. But that doesn’t mean your fire has gone cold. You’re driven to produce results and you continuously learn so you can provide the best for those you work with.  


Smart: There’s no doubt you have the intelligence to solve the problems you face, but you also have the emotional intelligence to navigate interpersonal relationships. You can resolve relational conflict and find a business solution at the same time.  

Join a Community

It goes without saying that ideal team players are rare. Although they can adapt to changing environments and integrate with a variety of people, it is not often that they find others like them. This does not mean that ideal team players are without a tribe. In fact, their tribe is one of the most powerful, rejuvenating, and close-knit communities in existence.  


A community of ideal team players wants the best for others, so it won’t be an environment of  backstabbing or drama. It is the context for success, which means those within it will challenge each other to be the best and call them out when they are being less than an ideal team player. But, those within the community also support one another when they need it, so they have a space where they can recharge and then face obstacles in business and in life.  


The problem is, it can be difficult to find a community of ideal team players who are also fractional consultants.  


That’s why we love our Sobo Advisors’ Community. It’s the hub for fractional consultants who are humble, hungry, and smart, and who are committed to saving small businesses.  So, join a community and Sobo can help.


If you’re a fractional consultant who wants to be a part of a community of individuals who are generous with their expertise and refuse to succumb to the status quo, click on the link below.  


We want you on our team!